" denizin ortasında, mumyalar sofrasında"

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Just for the records: I recurringly DO listen to the albums of my adolescence years. I've already purified my memories of that period, and in any case it is no more neurotic to remember those sounds. Nevertheless Katatonia was far from being another swedish doom metal band (thus being a typical teenager Western Wall), not even with those whole heartedly brutalized songs. They feel like a group of sensitive homoerotic ballads singer-songwriters, in a way. And Viva Emptiness was their magnum opus, I think, as they finally faced with the death of the age of over testesteroned violence and public exhibition of extravagant sorrow. They went poetical, melodical and best of all, ironical. Do not believe what other Katatonia listeners tell, or the other songs you've heard. This album is really touching, guys. And if this cheesy blog is halfly about our own musical journey, Katatoş is sure to get its place here, adorned with Adorno-Der arrogance, wings light cigarettes, cheap wines, o.b. tampons, wardrobes of black clothing and anxiety.

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