" denizin ortasında, mumyalar sofrasında"

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Now that I have just paid my dues to this great album with obsessively-listening-yet-still-not-getting-satisfied, going to the concert and a review, I think I can legitimately post it here. Long review short and Englishified: I cannot do anything else but listen, ears wide open, to these songs, and it also applies for the very first time I hear them. I had never been so fond of Mr. Johanson before although I knew him to be a good musician. Good musicianary is generally not enough to hit the listener, in itself, in our times. And he has become a true storyteller now, which is lethal enough for me. In and through his narrative, among the alcoholics, women with broken noses, in the background, I finally happen to see the self, which stays out and distinct, vaguely. The music encircling these all seems to be utterly plain and away from show-off, yet never lacking in its violence it is structured to serve as a backbone to the narrative, and far from being familiarized with and grasped completely, with its interstructures, hidden sounds and noises. And this sublayer is not a contribution to the realm of overlayerized intelligentsia music, nor Jay-Jay Johanson felt the need to perform his multi-intrumentalist identity to capture the good graces of a certain group of music fetishist, ever. Thus Self-Portrait stands out there in circulation, inconsumable, self-accumulating.

Finally I'm leaving you with this album alone, bowing and taking my YDS vocabulary with me. Danke şön for bearing with the impotence show of a wannabe music critic, and for the impotent review in Turkish, follow this link.

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